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Somebody Help Me CD

Ron's first CD called "Somebody Help Me" released in 2010 contains the songs Somebody Help Me, Break Away, Let It Be, Sailor's Dream, Sometimes, Desperate Housewives, Your Love, Smash N'Grab, I Need You, and Tragedy.

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Blues Don't Say It All CD

Ron's second CD called "The Blues Don't Say It All " released in 2011 contains the songs The Blues Don't say it all, If We Don't Talk, I Understand, Close to the Fire, Give Me Shelter, Puppets and Pantomime, Call Me a Doctor, Who's Fooling Who, Farm Kids, and Play House.

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img_4373Ron's third CD ' From Austin with Love ' for sale world wide 

Songwriters Music Festival

Songwriters Music Festival led by Ron Beer, strives to promote, at the grassroots level, the development of a cultural network which helps amateur and semi-pro songwriters, to stimulate the growth and maturity of their craft. SMF brings to your local community workshops on song writing and follows up with small local concerts in which the local artists can present their music in conjunction with SMF musicians.  
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Boogie Boy Blues

Boogie Boy Blues & The Music Awards is the first volume of a graphic novel series which encompasses the history of blues, introduction to songwriting, and Canadian geography - a series which includes a music CD and a live performance by Ron Beer, author and songwriter. The story of Boogie Boys Blues centres around the experiences of a 14 year old songwriter who travels across Canada with a jazz band to attend a music awards show. As the Stage Performance story is presented on screen, it is simultaneously narrated using many different voices, the singing of original songs with the accompaniment of various musical instruments including the guitar, banjo, melodica, harmonica, wave drum, or penny whistle by Ron and his associates. Ron also presents the story as a Puppet Rock Show which brings the same story to life as the puppet characters enact the story with unique voices and songs to entertain all.
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